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The main goal of the Bioinformatics Platform is to set up a collaborative environment within the CIBEREHD and to contribute to research projects providing support to scientists on  the computational and statistical areas of their experiment designs and analyses. We have a wide range of expertise in biological research fields requiring latest computational techniques. The team contributes to research projects by providing support and expertise in programming and advanced data analysis, focusing primarily on quality assessment, processing, interpretation and publication-ready presentation of results for next generation sequencing (NGS)-derived and microarray-derived data.

Software & tools

MiRComb is an R package to analyse miRNA-mRNA interactions. This package combines biological information (expression data) with theoretical information (miRNA target prediction databases) in order to obtain a curated list of potential miRNA-mRNA interaction pairs.

MiRTranslate is a tool to translate miRNA names across different MiRBase versions.

MuSiCa (Mutational Signatures in Cancer) is a shiny-based web application to (1) visualize the somatic mutational profile of a series of samples and (2) to extract the contribution of the reported mutational signatures on their variation profile. It is mainly based on the MutationalPatterns R package (Blokzijl et al., BioRxiv 2017).

Excelheatmap is a web-based tool that generates heatmaps in Excel format from matrices of gene expression data.


Juan José Lozano, PhD
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Daniel Aguilar, PhD
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Maria Vila
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Elena Campoy
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