Bioinformatics Platform


The main goal of the platform is to set up a collaborative environment within CIBEREHD and contribute to research projects providing support to scientists on several bioinformatics aspects during experiment design and analyses of quantitative data. We have a wide range of expertise in biological research fields requiring latest computational techniques. The team contributes to research projects by providing support and expertise in programming and advanced data analysis, focusing primarily on high-throughput genomics technologies including microarrays, genotyping, metabolomics, and next-generation sequencing.

Centro de Investigación Biomédica en Red
Instituto de Salud Carlos III
C/ Monforte de Lemos 3-5.
Pabellón 11. Planta 0
28029 Madrid


Juanjo Lozano, PhD: juanjo.lozano (at)
Daniel Aguilar, PhD daniel.aguilar (at)
Maria Vila, PhD: maria.vila (at)

Computational resources

Dell PowerEdge T710: 96 GB RAM, 12 cores, 20 TB (computing)
Dell PowerEdge R320: 64 GB RAM, 12 cores, 12 TB (computing and web services)