We contribute to research projects by providing support and expertise in programming and data analysis in a wide range of areas in bioinformatics. Our analysis pipelines use tried-and-true software under Unix/Linux environment, and we also develop our own software tools to suit the project's needs. Our services are personalized and highly customizable. Results are delivered with a detailed report and publication-ready plots and tables. Our current fees are available here.

NGS Data Analysis Services
  • Data Filtering & Quality Control
  • Genome Mapping
  • Differential Expression Analysis
  • Variant Analysis & Annotation
  • Transcriptome Annotation
  • Data Filtering & Quality Control
  • Differential Concentration Analysis
Functional & Pathway Analysis
  • Enriched Cellular Pathways
  • Enriched Functional Categories
  • Functional Prediction
  • Functional Clustering
Gene Discovery & Annotation
  • Gene-Disease Relationships
  • Drug-Target Relationships
  • Pathway-Disease Relationships
Statistical Analysis
  • Parametric/Non-Parametric Tests
  • Correlation Analysis
  • PCA/Clustering
Data Mining
  • Database Mining
  • Pattern Analysis
  • Information Retrieval and Management Systems
  • Costum-made Visualization Tools
Publication services
  • Publication-ready figures/tables
Please contact us and let us know what your needs are: juanjo.lozano AT


Juan José Lozano, PhD
Email: juanjo.lozano AT

Former staff

Daniel Aguilar
Maria Vila
Pau Erola
Nuria Planell


Elena Campoy
Mireia Ferrer