Software & tools

MiRComb is an R package to analyse miRNA-mRNA interactions. This package combines biological information (expression data) with theoretical information (miRNA target prediction databases) in order to obtain a curated list of potential miRNA-mRNA interaction pairs.

MiRTranslate is a tool to translate miRNA names across different MiRBase versions.

MuSiCa (Mutational Signatures in Cancer) is a shiny-based web application to (1) visualize the somatic mutational profile of a series of samples and (2) to extract the contribution of the reported mutational signatures on their variation profile. It is mainly based on the MutationalPatterns R package (Blokzijl et al., BioRxiv 2017).

Gene Expression to Spreadhseet (GETS) is a web-based tool that generates information-rich heatmaps in MS Excel format from tab-delimited data files.


Juan José Lozano, PhD
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Daniel Aguilar, PhD
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Former staff

Maria Vila
Pau Arola


Elena Campoy
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